Well Meaning Isn’t Enough

Your company’s data is pretty darn important. Your ability to interact with and glean insights from this data is key to your business in just about every industry. Whether that data is patient care records, the “recipe” for the MES processes manufacturing your drug, your customer list or sales trends this holds true. You probably … Read more

Don’t Splint Your Database Server To Death

A trauma patient can be “splinted to death.” So can a database server. It happens during at least one ambulance call each year and I’m sure it happens in many more data or network operation centers each year, too. This post is my attempt to start back up with my “Lessons From Disasters” series I … Read more

If You See Something, Say Something

I get to tell you an embarrassing story and I get to kick off a series of posts I’ve wanted to do for awhile now. Why? Because it’s “meme Monday” Check out Tom LaRock‘s post about the topic and the idea he came up with a couple months back. This week Tom asked us to … Read more