SQL Server Health Checklist

8 Critical Problem Areas You Need to Check

SQL Server Health Checklist

Is your SQL Server secure, reliable, and optimized for performance?

We’ve put together this free, 8-point checklist that are the most common issues we find on our more comprehensive, 37-point assessments. You can use this checklist against all of your instances and be sure your SQL Server is heading in the right direction. If you get these point right, there’s a better chance you’d pass the other 29 health checks, too!

We came to Straight Path Solutions for a SQL Server health assessment and we’re glad we did. During year-end processing, our teams were experiencing heavy delays running reconciliation reports. Despite our vendors insisting the solution was to buy more hardware and abandon virtualization, we suspected it was a database issue. Straight Path identified a lot of pain points that had inexpensive solutions. In no time, we were running year-end reports and viewing invoices faster than we ever had – without the pain of expensive hardware upgrades. They’ve become trusted database advisors and they worked with us where we were.

Brian Gibson – President