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We’re a Microsoft Certified Gold cloud platform partner and our team is loaded with current and former MVPs. We can help you stretch your budget, plan, direct, and implement your migration strategy (AWS and Azure), and get the most performance out of your cloud spend.

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“The Cloud” – it’s moved from being a misunderstood buzzword to part of the IT strategy of most successful organizations. Where does it make sense for you? When doesn’t it make sense? What flavor? Why? How do you get there?

At Straight Path, we’ve not only seen the transformation, we’ve been a part of the transformation. We’ve been a part of the conversations since Amazon and Microsoft really started making their plays here. We’ve seen the fear, the acceptance and recently the serious consideration big teams are giving various components in the cloud.

It got serious when the answer stopped being a marketing driving “you must move here” and became a conversation of “Where does it fit?” We’ve helped more than a few clients “lift and shift” VMs to AWS EC2 environments and Windows Azure in the “hosting” feel IaaS deployments. We’ve helped bring databases to Amazon RDS or Azure SQL including sensitive data with serious compliance needs.

Will everything one day be here? No of course not. That’s the trick. Figuring out what makes sense, what doesn’t and sorting it all out. It’s an exciting time to be in this space, but there is some buzzword confusion and the various marketing teams don’t help answer the questions you have. We can help. Drop us a note and let us help you do what is right for you.

Database management has never been this easy. The Straight Path team is full of database gurus who can help you speed it up, sort it out or set it up right. And they do it with a pleasant attitude (in a world where unpleasant exchanges are all too common). Fast, flexible and armed with state-of-the-art tools and knowledge, database issues are no match. We’ve had the pleasure of working with Straight Path on behalf of multiple of our clients and they’ve become a key partner of ours. A growing business means a growing system – and a growing need to keep the systems properly optimized. Client satisfaction has increased because problems are solved and workflows are positively impacted. As a result, I am sleeping like a baby knowing our databases are being watched and managed diligently. I don’t know what we’d do without them.

Dean Tammam, Red Key Solutions

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