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Relativity Users: We’ve Got Your Back

Here at Straight Path Solutions, we’ve been working with clients who rely on Relativity since Relativity 6. We work with numerous law firms, small and large, and we understand how important Relativity is to your clients’ needs. We’ve helped several Relativity “Best in Service” premium hosting partners achieve or maintain “Best in Service” status.

RelativityFest Special

Stop by our booth at Relativity Fest 2017 and see Phil and Mike. We’ll be happy to chat with you about your challenges, answer SQL questions and just catch up. Walk away with some Straight Path mints in a vial (Really doubling down on the Health Check concept) and an “appointment card” with some tips and notes from our chat, and we’ll write up a “prescription” for $400 off of our SQL Server Health Check for attendees to Fest or to Mike’s presentation if you come visit and get a card from us.

SQL Server FlexDBA: Remote DBA Help.

Get peace of mind with reliable,
expert SQL Server DBA coverage without the overhead of a full time hire. We know SQL. We know Relativity.

Having the premiere expertise and customer support of Straight Path Solutions Sr. DBA team has been invaluable to us over the years. Their deep expertise in SQL Server means that we can do our jobs better and more efficiently.

Brian Kunes

Customer Support Manager, Relativity

Mike at Straight Path has been a great addition to our team. His combined knowledge of SQL and Relativity have helped us improve our systems, reduce our SQL costs and confidently migrate our Relativity infrastructure to a new data center.

Chris Haley

Director of Legal Technology, Troutman Sanders eMerge, LLC

SQL Server Health Check: $1,497

Our SQL Server experts review the critical components of your Microsoft SQL Server platform to ensure the security, availability, reliability, and scalability of your environment. We provide you with a comprehensive written report showing the current status of all the vital SQL Server Best Practices. The SQL Server Health check is also great when you have a DBA team, it helps cement their value and gives an outside audit of what you are doing right to your own clients.

Our mentors will identify any immediate work required and provide recommendations for any remediation work to be carried out at a time that’s suitable for you. Of course, we can help you make these changes also.

Some of the things we still find pretty frequently with Relativity Environments (among our normal list of findings):

  • Incorrect Configuration Options (you accepted the defaults. You didn’t know about or use the Environment Optimization Guide from Relativity)
  • No CheckDBs!!! – This one makes us sad to see because we’ve had to engage with a few firms in an emergency situation – corruption had happened, could we help them? Sometimes we can, sometimes we can’t. But we can help you prepare for it and prevent it. This is HUGE.
  • No Monitoring/Alerting – We help clients set up proper alerts, we’ll sometimes resell Sentry One monitoring or we’ll help roll a homegrown solution. But if you aren’t watching your Relativity SQL Server environments, you’re missing out.
  • Missing Indexes – This often stems from some communication challenges between LitSupport teams, Case Teams, and the Tech Teams. But we can help out.
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