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Free SQL Training Online – Wednesday 10/21/09

Where? Quest Connect is an online series of webcasts on various topics. Some are pre-recorded (like the session that I did.. more on that later…). They have web casts on a variety of topics, not just SQL. You can look at the on demand topic listing here to see all the chats that will be … Read more

Eat Lunch with the MVPs at PASS

Meet & Eat In my post last week about where I have been (you know, the one where I promised I would be blogging more), I mentioned that I was helping PASS on a volunteer opportunity. It’s a pretty neat chance for folks to network, learn and watch how different people eat. Birds of a … Read more

Where has Mike been?

I’ll never make @SQLRockstar’s list like this! I have been quite busy lately. I haven’t followed some of the great advice of Brent Ozar (Blog, Twitter) and his series on blogging tips (especially the part about writing when you have the time). My lack of posts is not because I want to deprive you, the … Read more

How did I get involved with this SQL Server thing?

There is another quiz going around the SQL Server blogosphere. Great question again, “How did you get started with SQL Server?” I was tagged by Denis Gobo (Blog, Twitter) when he answered this question here. You can hit his blog to track the lineage of this one. I have been working with SQL Server for … Read more

SQL Server Implicit Conversion: You Could Be Suffering Right Now!

SQL Server Implicit Conversion – A Silent Perf Killer I recently had the opportunity to work with a developer at the day job. He was using a loop (for what he was doing, it makes sense 🙂 ), and he had a query that ran great when he stripped the question out of the process, … Read more

Active August, meet September

So it is the end of August. A lot of folks seemed to have a good month as far as keeping up with goals set for themselves. This was really not about one month only, it was about using the month to try and develop a pattern to follow. Check out the Twitter search for … Read more

ActiveAugust Week 3

Three weeks of #ActiveAugust are done. Learn more about ActiveAugust on my blog or check out the twitter search to see updates from those participating. Most of them are blogging their progress as well. Well it’s kind of sad seeing 3 weeks down because that means we are coming into the fall. Don’t get me … Read more

Two Weeks Down (Up) – Active August

Well two weeks of August have flown by. Too fast. That means I did my second weigh in today and have a quick update on how #ActiveAugust has been treating me. Before I talk about me, it’s great to see all the progress by everyone with their ActiveAugust updates. Click the search above and hit … Read more

One Week Down – ActiveAugust

Last week I posted my kickoff of my ActiveAugust (Twitter Search) routine and a weigh in in “And So It Begins…”. I said I would come back and post weekly throughout ActiveAugust. I also think I will continue posting at least monthly just to keep this in my mind. How did week 1 go? The Good … Read more

Benchmarking… Who Needs It?

All of our SQL Server instances need benchmarks! So the title is somewhat of a trick question… I hear and sense a lack of priority around taking periodic benchmarks in a system with a lot of folks. How often do you take benchmarks? Do you know what “normal” means for your system? Do you know … Read more

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