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And So It Begins..(ActiveAugust)

It is August First. The opening day of #active august (twitter search, my initial post on it). There are several others participating which makes it good for encouragement and accountability. I am going to weigh in every Saturday and try and keep the daily progress notes on twitter. I have not done a SQL blog … Read more

Romans 7, meet Romans 6 (part 1)

I occassionally post some blog entries about my faith and family or both. These posts may or may not touch on SQL Server and this is one of them. I discussed this when I first blogged about Jesus’ last words on the cross (Tetelestai). I welcome you to read or skip and I won’t be … Read more

Active August –> Get out and Get Healthy

Alright so the other day I was congratulating SQL Server Extraordinare Chuck Boyce on twitter. He has lost some weight following a low carb diet and he is doing great with it. In the process I joked about how I fell off the wagon for “Fit February” and thought aloud of starting to have an … Read more

Worked fine in development…

How many times have you heard or uttered those words? You work hard and understand the business requirements, you try and get the logic to work to make the procedure return what was expected or update the data as expected. You do some unit tests in your environment, it may not scream but it comes … Read more

What about questions to ask the company?

Lately there have been a lot of great blog articles with active discussions talking about questions to ask potential SQL Server DBA or Developer candidates. Off the top of my head (and by means no offense implied to the many others, check out my blog roll for some of the blogs I try and keep … Read more

A Picture That Says, “Don’t Shrink!” (and other things…)

So I wrote a lot of posts around shrinking (Here, here, here). Some of my posts were turned into a wiki article on SQLServerPedia. I thought I was done posting about this but one more. I talked about why we shouldn’t do it on a regular basis. Why it should really be reserved for use … Read more


Documentation (…Or how I learned to stop procrastinating and love tolerate a chore necessary task) Do you document? Do you document well? As I told Paul Randal (twitter, blog) today on twitter, this blog post was inspired by an observation in the shower and a recent question by Brent Ozar (twitter, blog). You didn’t need … Read more

SQLServerPedia –> Do you use it?

I was going about my own business today when I got an e-mail from Brent Ozar (twitter, blog) who is the editor-in-chief of SQLServerPedia. Apparently a wiki article that was made from my blog posts on shrinking has received the honor of being the first to receive the “Wiki of the month” recognition. Great honor … Read more

Paranoid? Control Freak? Have I got a career for you…

The above personality traits sound like bad news. In most areas of life they certainly can be. That being said a DBA needs to have a certain aspect of these to best do their jobs. As I blogged about in “Checklists, Recipes and Algorithms“, I describe other careers where a keen eye to detail and … Read more

National Day of Prayer – Conviction

As I said when I posted tetelestai, I will be blogging about my faith from time to time. Well maybe I’ll be doing more of that, maybe I’ll be making a separate blog for that but for now, this is one of those posts. Today’s post may turn more folks away but it’s on my … Read more

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