Data Warehousing Architecture & Integration

The extended family of Straight Path Solution includes some serious expertise in the realm of Data Warehouse Architecture and Data Integration services. Just like our relational engine consultants, this team consists of top level talent. SQL Server MVPs, speakers, authors and bloggers specializing in making the most of data warehousing.

We’ve worked together on many projects and we’ve been there to rescue data warehouse projects gone bad from other firms. We’ve come in after a failed delivery and put a plan in place to carve out resolutions in phases. Mostly, though, we prefer to be involved from the beginning. We can your data warehouse needs get off the ground right.

Let us come in, talk to you and your users, understand the requirements together and help you plan a phased approach for these kind of projects. We don’t want to come in and take over and bill forever. We want to add value to your existing strengths, fill in any gaps and help your team deliver the best warehouse or data integration project delivery together. When we’re done, we leave but our knowledge stays with your team, just like the credit.

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