SQL Server Consultant Testimonials

What some of our SQL Server consulting clients have to say about working with Mike:

Mike is very knowledgeable with SQL. He has helped my company many times to get the most power out of our SQL installation. Mike also is very good at teaching others. Mike is my number one resource when it comes to SQL DBA help!

– Scott LaPointe Director of IT at Planetshoes (Remote DBA Client, SQL Server Performance, Mentoring, Consulting)

“Mike has been a valuable asset to our team. His professionalism, attitude, and responsiveness to our needs make it a pleasure to work with him.”

– Jeff Smith, VP of Information Technology At Weiler Corporation (SQL Server Health Check, Remote DBA, Performance Tuning, 3 Day Custom SQL Server DBA Class)


“Mike brought a level of database expertise to our project that we were sorely lacking. His knowledge of the nuances of the migration process we were attempting was excellent, and he helped us avoid many potential pitfalls.”

VP of Development at ESP Technologies (SQL Server Performance Tuning Engagement, Migration Assistance)


“Mike is a very good Sql Server DBA who not only has exceptional technical skills, but more importantly shows his leadership qualities at every opportunity. He repeatedly takes control of problematic situations and drives them to resolution or completion. I would gladly have him on any project I participate in.”

“Mike is a detailed and conscious DBA that knows his “stuff” and is always looking for a challenge. He likes his trade, has vast knowledge on SQL Server and related subjects, and is always eager to help. It was a pleasure working with him.”

Mike was my client on a previous engagement. Although his formal title was DBA, he wore many hats, including that of project manager. He was one of the hardest working individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He was very knowledgeable as a SQL expert – especially around tuning and administering SQL Server. He was also passionate about his work and his customers. I would highly recommend him.

Various Colleagues at a Health Services Corporation (DBA, Performance Team Lead, Database Developer/Analyst)

You can see more reference quotes and testimonials on Mike’s LinkedIn pageReach out to Straight Path today to inquire about how you can achieve SQL Server success. Or give Mike a call directly at 603.203.9797

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