SQL Server Remote Senior DBAs: Experts On Your Team, Not On Your Payroll

First-Class Remote SQL Server DBAs:

There when You Need Us

  • Choose from flexible Remote DBA plans
  • Expand your technology team
  • Prevent problems before they occur
  • Mentor your staff
  • We become a part of your team
  • Enjoy 24/7 coverage

Enjoy peace of mind from reliable, on-demand, expert SQL Server DBA coverage without the overhead. We’ll monitor and secure your environment, future-proof your database, fix problems when they happen, and mentor your staff.

FlexDBA On-Demand Pricing

2 hours
No rollover
Best for:

You need the availability of a world-class team on a tight budget.

SaaS startups
Smaller medical practices

8 hours
Up to 3-month rollover
Best for:

A proactive partnership that allows us to be fully invested in your success.

Small SaaS providers
Small municipalities
Small credit unions
Managed service providers

12 hours
Up to 3-month rollover
Best for:

Businesses with dynamic environments and/or critical uptime requirements.

SaaS providers
Credit unions
Law firms

24 hours
up to 3-month rollover
Best for:

Large organizations with complex environments and critical uptime requirements.

Large SaaS providers
Large credit unions
Large law firms
Large hospitals
Insurance companies

All Flex-DBA packages include:

24/7 monitoring of all servers
Daily status reports
One instance of SentryOne monitoring and trend analysis
Annual SQL Server Safety Check delivery
Next business day SLA
Discounted hourly overage rate

24/7 Support with 15-minute SLA available as an add-on ($400 for Diamond clients, $900 for all others)

When we had come to Straight Path our databases were showing the wear and burden of an unfocused and costly remote DBA firm. We needed to quickly improve performance and stability in order to maintain customer satisfaction on the product side, and we had a backlog of technical debt that seemed only to grow deeper. Since engaging with Straight Path we have improved our reliability and performance for the customer-facing aspects of our databases, from day-to-day fires, improving methods for growth and scale-out, consolidation, and efficiency, to unglamorous but important items such as replication, improved monitoring/alerting, and backups. I especially appreciate the team’s quick responses to emergencies, as well as the forthright and focused involvement during projects and planning. I would recommend Straight Path to anyone who requires a thoughtful, personal approach to their database needs. Understanding the data structures and engines is obviously important, but the ability to also understand these items in the context of the business and the teams who rely on them is what differentiates this service from others. Blake Sinclair

IT Manager, Granbury Solutions

First-Class DBAs When You Need Us

Great DBAs come with great price tags. Most companies don’t need Senior level DBAs 100% of the time, though. With FlexDBA you have the best DBAs at your fingertips, without the high annual salary.

Be Notified of Problems Before They Occur

We don’t like surprises and we trust you don’t either. We take a proactive stance to avoid surprises for both of us. We will alert for issues before they arise. We include our SQL Server safety check delivered annually. A value of $1,795/quarter. And unlike some SQL Server Remote DBA offerings, we don’t just tell you “you have a problem!” we help figure out why, and help solve the root cause.

Need 24/7 Coverage?

Our FlexDBA plans have a next business day response guarantee, though we often are responding within minutes to your tickets or alerts.

Some clients need or want that additional “Keep the lights on” 24/7 check with around the clock support. We have plans that bundle our Senior SQL Server Remote DBA services with a 24/7, 15 minute response time from DBAs, not call center call takers.

Gain Flexibility

Our flexible plans mean you scale up support when you need us most. In the rare event of a database disaster on our watch, our team of experts are there to get you through it, and then we flex back down.

Your Technology Team Learns

A successful engagement with us is one that reduces hours over time. Not just because of our proactive stance, but because we will mentor your team as we go. We’re in it for your success.

We’re a Member of Your Team

A great SQL Server DBA should be an integral part of your team. Just because we are remote SQL Server DBAs, we don’t think this should change. We become part of your technology team. We know your needs and plans. We help ensure you are on the path to success always. We’re in it together.

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