SQL Server Tools

Here at Straight Path Solutions, we’re big fans of community SQL Server tools. As database administrators who are constantly looking at new clients and new servers, we wished there was a tool to quickly give a SQL Server security check – an overview of any potential security issues. We didn’t find one, so we made one: sp_CheckSecurity.

We plan expanding our set of tools and this page is the hub for our latest collection. If you’d like to be notified of any new tools or updates to existing ones, be sure to subscribe to our email newsletter.

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SQL Server Tools


This is one of our free SQL Server tools for SQL Server Database Administrators (or people who play DBA at their organization) to check the security of their SQL Servers. It is used to detect security vulnerabilities and discrepancies in SQL Server instances.

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Community SQL Server Tools

Here are some of our favorite community tools from other SQL Server experts: