Attention all of you reluctant upgraders! Time is running out…

Webinar: Simplifying SQL Server Upgrades

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Here Are the Webinar Details

This five-part webinar series begins on Thursday, February 7th at 12:00PM EST and continues weekly for five weeks.

Here’s the full schedule:

1) Feb 7th: Before You Upgrade: Part 1 (Big picture)
2) Feb 14th: Before You Upgrade: Part 2 (Diving in a bit)
3) Feb 21st: During Your Upgrade
4) Feb 28th: After You’re Upgraded
5) Mar 7th: Live chat (Your questions answered)

Next Webinar…

Before You Upgrade: Part 1 (Big picture)
Thursday, February 7th 12:00 PM








During this free live training, you will learn:


Why You Should Upgrade

Yes, SQL Server is reaching end of life in July of this year. But there are plenty of other really good reasons you should consider upgrading sooner rather than later.

How to Overcome Obstacles

The list of reasons why you haven’t upgraded yet is long and probably justified. We’ll answer these questions and more: Where do I start? What version and edition? Do I need to keep paying for Enterprise Edition? How do we minimize downtime? How do we know what will break? What questions are we not asking?

How to Plan Your Upgrade

We’ll talk about doing a health check/review of your instance (why bring over the bad stuff?), testing to see what could break, deprecated features, reviewing performance, planning hardware, and document everything.

How to Execute Your Upgrade

You’ll learn some installation best practices, how to create and follow a checklist, how to create, practice, and understand a rollback plan, plan your downtime, and test before releasing to the wild.

What to Do After Your Upgrade

You’ve come this far, so don’t let it fall apart! You’ll learn the importance of regular health checks, best practices for maintenance, and how to set up alerting & monitoring. You’ll see how to plan for regular patching and updates and we’ll wrap up with suggestions for using some of those new features.

Anything Else We Missed

Our final webinar will actually be a live chat with a team of Straight Path experts who will share war stories and answer any questions you may still have.
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