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ActiveAugust Week 3

Three weeks of #ActiveAugust are done. Learn more about ActiveAugust on my blog or check out the twitter search to see updates from those participating. Most of them are blogging their progress as well.

Well it’s kind of sad seeing 3 weeks down because that means we are coming into the fall. Don’t get me wrong I think it doesn’t get any better than Autumn in New England. I just know what’s behind it, sure the snow can be pretty at first but it gets old (for me).

I have decided I am going to continue posting a weekly or biweekly check in for Active August in September and I think I will continue a monthly post afterwards to keep me on it.

Not a bad week… Here’s the recap:

The Good

  • Weight: 206.5 (Down from 210 last week which was a bit of an anomaly) so 3.5lbs less than last Saturday.
  • Made mostly good choices at eating, tried to reduce useless fats and useless, nutrionless carbs while enjoying complex carbs more. Ate vegetarianish for most lunches, tried to lower empty carbs for dinner/beyond.
  • Swam 4 days, walked others
  • Feeling different
  • Looking and feeling more toned in the gut and in the arms
  • Swam for distance a couple times, have work to do but I’m getting there
  • Incorporated additional exercise in where I could
  • Resisted Coke urge and again stuck to water, kept forgetting to get milk for me (plenty of whole for the baby but no thanks) so not much milk.

The Bad

  • Only did one day of full body weights, got busy, got tired, made excuses
  • Need to relax the swimming a bit and do some more shoulder stabilization/strengthening exercises as I am starting to feel a bit of a pull in the shoulders after tougher swim workouts.
  • Didn’t do the best breakfasts and didn’t do the best dinners. I want to incorporate more fish and vegetarian meals in.
  • More milke would be good. Two cups a day is a good plan, good nutrients and the Calcium actually helps metabolize fat according to many studies (not looking for a magic pill, working out and eating right is a lifestyle change and choice)

My goals from last week can pretty much transferred over as I didn’t meet them all explicitly. I would add a goal to just continue getting myself into top condition. I wanted to reitterate a longer term goal and add a new long term goal:

  • Sometime in 2010 I will participate in an open water distance swim of some sort (either a local contest or set a goal for a lake or ocean swim)
  • Once I get myself into better shape and feel good about running I really want to train for and compete in at least one triathlon. So I will strive to compete in a triathlon in late summer or fall 2010.
  • Sometime before I am 35, I would like to swim from Boone Island Light to the Nubble Lighthouse in York, Maine in the Atlantic (7 miles or so). I have been interested in doing this for a couple years since I have been casually getting into swimming. So I want to do more to prepare for that. If 2010’s distance swim is a success I will try for that. Maybe I can find a charity to swim for. It’s been done before by quite a few folks and it’s a lot closer than England to France.
Mike Walsh
Article by Mike Walsh
Mike loves mentoring clients on the right Systems or High Availability architectures because he enjoys those lightbulb moments and loves watching the right design and setup come together for a client. He started Straight Path in 2010 when he decided that after over a decade working with SQL Server in various roles, it was time to try and take his experience, passion, and knowledge to help clients of all shapes and sizes. Mike is a husband, father to four great children, and a Christian. He’s a volunteer Firefighter and EMT in his small town in New Hampshire, and when he isn’t playing with his family, solving SQL Server issues, or talking shop, it seems like he has plenty to do with his family running a small farm in NH raising Beef Cattle, Chickens, Pigs, Sheep, Goats, Honeybees and who knows what other animals have been added!

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