It is August First. The opening day of #active august (twitter search, my initial post on it). There are several others participating which makes it good for encouragement and accountability.

I am going to weigh in every Saturday and try and keep the daily progress notes on twitter. I have not done a SQL blog post in awhile and I don’t want to get too far off track and bore the folks looking for SQL information so tune in to #activeaugust on twitter to see the daily progress..

I will be following the original plan I noted with the addition of shooting for pushups and various core exercises (flutter kicks, planks, side planks, back exercises, etc) each day. First week will be Vacation Bible School and family day trips each afternoon/evening so it is going to be a little tougher to hit the pool. I will still try the walking and pushups/core workout each day. Going for at least 30 minutes (above and beyond whatever activity the days activity call for) of dedicated time. I am also going to try to make opportunity for adding extra wherever I can.

Starting Weight: 209Lbs (Down a bit from before the trip I just took to visit a client in Mexico and I thought I was eating way too much down there 😉 )

Shopping List for snacks and the week? Fruit, Veggies, Water, Joseph’s Lavash Flat Bread, raw materials to make meals (beans, kale/tomatoes/cukes/squash/zucchini from our garden, lentils, and some of the chicken we raised ourselves and beef we bought locally from the freezer.. though more veg/chicken than beef, I hope… Also going to try and work some salmon/tuna/etc into the diet.. I imagine my cholesterol is a bit high with the way my eating has gone for 2009)

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