Last week I posted my kickoff of my ActiveAugust (Twitter Search) routine and a weigh in in “And So It Begins…”. I said I would come back and post weekly throughout ActiveAugust. I also think I will continue posting at least monthly just to keep this in my mind.

How did week 1 go?

The Good

  • At least 30 minutes of activity? Good. Some examples below:
    • Walked during the beginning of the week each day
    • Alternated doing routines for the 100 pushup or 200 squat challenges (not at 100/200 yet, first week) sat-tuesday
    • Weds, Thur and Fri I actually used my gym membership that I have been paying for and hit the lap pool for the first time in 6 months + Did between 40-60 minutes of swimming. Out of breath most of the time, heart pumping away. Drained me but it felt good. The most laps I did was on Thursday, about 1350 yards (54 lengths or 27 laps)
  • I lost weight… Not much. Today’s weigh in? 208 lbs That is only 0.5 lbs lost. Have a lot of ground to make up. While I have an ideal weight (180/185), I also am more concerned with a healthier life so with the working out and other good list items, I feel good about progress.
  • Water –> I drank plenty of it
  • No Coke –> I had some Coke Zero a few times since we have it but I stayed away from the high test. Once the CZ is gone, it will be water and milk only with maybe some juice occasionally.
  • Healthy Eating –> The bad has more but I was cognizant of what I was eating and even though it was not a great week it was not as bad as it would have been.

The Bad

  • This was a vacation week so my schedule on workout time didn’t allow me to get both pool and some of the strength work done, didn’t touch free weights.
  • Still too much junk food out of convenience with us travelling all around on long day trips with the kids. (again much less than I would have on vacation but still too much)

Swimming Thoughts

Tom LaRock (twitter, blog) blogged about swimming when he posted his Active August Tips and I have to say I agree with his tips whole heartedly about swimming. It is a great workout. The best shape I have been in in my married adult life (which has practically been my whole adult life being 30 now and celebrating our 7th anniversary in a couple weeks) was about 1.5 years ago when I was swimming practically daily an doing some free weight work as well but mainly swimming. My weight was on the fast track down, I had to switch out my wardrobe to sized 34 pants (and even some of them were too big) and I felt good. Last fall I fell off the wagon for some reason and missed some pool days (my shoulders were a bit sore from not resting and overdoing it) and let it go on and on until finally I stopped hitting the gym altogether. I stopped eating the healthy lunches when I got a new job with more stress (work politics stress more than job difficulty stress) and poof, before I knew it I had put on the 15-20 pounds I lost and I am back in the 36s and even 38s in some dress pants.

When I swam I would always do a variety. Some crawl stroke, some back and breast. I would also spend a lot of time doing kicks (with a board doing crawl kicks, the dolphin kicks from the butterfly stroke, underwater butterfly kicks, back flutter kicks and dolphin kicks on the side and on the back). Those workouts transformed my body. The kick workouts improved my core strength and posture and were great abdominal and back workouts. The net effect was not just weight loss but a reduction in body fat and especially the spare tire around my waist.

If you haven’t tried adding swimming to your plan, give it a shot. You get really hungry afterwards so if you can handle that temptation with healthy snacks or nothing I really think swimming could do wonders for you. I am looking forward to trying to keep 3-5 days of swimming a week. Just need to get a schedule that will protect my shoulders and maximize effects.

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