Why Seek Ye The Living Among The Dead?

I occasionally post a thought that is based on the Bible in my blog, though I haven’t in awhile and have more subscribers now hence this “advisory”.  While there are plenty who suggest it best to not mix personal sentiments or faith in a professional blog, I am willing to “risk” it as my faith is a much more important part of who I am than what database technology I enjoy playing with. I also look at it from the perspective of, “would I be offended and hurt if I stumbled across a post from a different perspective on a blog I enjoy?” The answer is, no, we are all entitled and free, at least in the United States, to believe as we wish. This post is written with from my perspective as a Bible believing Christian. If such things are not your cup of tea, that is fine, I have plenty to read in the other categories, like Best Practices, about SQL. If it is your cup of tea, feel free to read my thoughts below. All such posts are tagged with “Bible” if you wish to either avoid or seek them. 🙂

Today is “Good Friday”

A strange name for a holiday when one looks at the Biblical account of what happened on this day over 2,000 years ago.  As you can read in the Gospel accounts, this is the day that an innocent was put to death for the sins of the world. The only truly innocent One, chastised for me. For you. By itself, Good Friday can’t be good. By itself and without what happened 3 days later, it would be “Horrible Friday” for anyone who held hope in the One who was tortured on the ground and then tortured to death with two criminals.

Well I suppose Jesus Barabbas could call it good Friday. That is the day that Pilate set him free for the Passover and, to tame the mob, punished Jesus Christ in his place. As I once heard Dr. D. James Kennedy comment, Barabbas truly and instantly understood that Christ would be dying in his place. While I happen to believe He died in my place also (as the Bible is clear on (the “Roman Road to Salvation” is actually a good look at some of the scriptures behind this thought – it can be summed up as to fall short of God’s perfect holiness is sin, we all sin, the righteous punishment for our sin is death but the free gift of God to us is that He sent His Son to pay that price for us, His Son did pay that price on the Cross and Christ’s resurrection proves His power over death and over sin.. That if we simply confess ourselves to be sinners -in our own hearts- and believe that Christ’s death is enough to pay that price and accept that free offer of forgiveness that we will be forgiven) it was pretty clear to Barabbas that this sinless man with whom Pilate could find no fault in was dying for him. I’ve always wanted to know what happened to Barabbas. If he followed Jesus ‘ arduous journey up to the site of his crucifixion. If he sought after the disciples or family of Jesus after.

But, again, if this day was it, there would be no reason to call it Good Friday today.

As I blogged about last Easter, when I wrote “Tetelestai – It is finished“,  my favorite day of remembrance is fast upon us – “Easter Sunday”. At my church we typically refer to it as Resurrection Sunday and we’ll have a sunrise (or Son Rise) service, a church service and we’ll sing some of my favorite hymns.

It is because of the glorious truth of the resurrection that I can call today Good Friday. It is the resurrection that Christianity hinges on. As I said before, it is this holiday that has turned many skeptics into believers. Searching for proofs to back up the “fallacy” of the resurrection and in turn finding forgiveness and eternal security as they unravel the historicity and testimony of the resurrection.

Some people say the cross is a cruel symbol for a faith. You know what? They are right, the word excruciating wouldn’t be in our lexicon if it were not for crucifixion. The cross was a cruel and horrible instrument of punishment used to subjugate a people. It is a tough symbol but a good reminder to me of what was done for me. But, if I could change the symbol to one thing, I guess it would have to be the empty tomb. It was at the tomb where the women who went to anoint a body heard an angel speak the title of this post, “Why seek ye the living among the dead?”. It is the empty tomb that shows us the hope that came at the end of the suffering that was Good Friday.

An Empty Tomb

I wish you a blessed “Easter” weekend and hope you are able to truly enjoy some great hymns like “Because He Lives”, “Christ The Lord Is Risen Today” or “He Arose”.

He Is Risen – Risen Indeed

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