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Getting Organized – Contest Winner

Last week, I ran a series about Getting Organized that was inspired by a new tool, Evernote, and a kindling desire in my heart to de-clutter (physically and from a priority crowding point of view). This series was divided into four parts:

Getting Organized Series Outline

In the first part I made a promise for a contest giveaway if I had comments from 10 unique individuals. The giveaway isn’t anything magical, but a premium license to Evernote to hopefully hook someone else on staying organized. No, I’m not saying you need this tool and in the last post I talked about some concerns and short comings. I do feel, however, that you need to use some tool and perhaps giving away the premium license will act as a motivator.

And The Winner Is…

Jordan Bullock who left this comment,

Really enjoyed this, Mike. I’ve been using Evernote a little here and there, but plan on using it more and more in the future. Another neat tool I’ve been using for a while for to-do’s is ToodleDo–they have a great website and iOS app (and mobile site) and a lot of powerful features, like goal-setting and such. I wish I could somehow consolidate the two apps into one ultimate app, though. Maybe someday.

Congratulations, Jordan! I’ll send you an e-mail with details and coordinate the gift license purchase & transfer with you this week.

I Must Seek To Add Complexity To Everything I Touch…

12 commenters on a simple contest for a small blog for a relatively inexpensive prize. Should have been an easy thing to pick a winner…

I was originally going to just make it a “blogger’s whim” kind of decision based on whatever criteria I liked at the time. The problem is, I couldn’t do that. I was going to go on a “needs” basis but that didn’t work, too subjective. Then a “most excited” perspective but there were a few positive entries (Though Stefan seemed to leave the most comments and have the most interaction offline on the topic). Then I felt like I wanted to be able to give back to someone who seems genuinely interested in the success and happiness of others (not to name any names)… But, I just couldn’t be the one to pick 🙂 So I used a simple random name generator and let the bits and bytes select and they selected Jordan. Jordan is active in his local SQL Server community and always striving to learn and apply new technologies or aspects of his career, so the randomizer made a good choice on its own criteria.

Mike Walsh
Article by Mike Walsh
Mike loves mentoring clients on the right Systems or High Availability architectures because he enjoys those lightbulb moments and loves watching the right design and setup come together for a client. He started Straight Path in 2010 when he decided that after over a decade working with SQL Server in various roles, it was time to try and take his experience, passion, and knowledge to help clients of all shapes and sizes. Mike is a husband, father to four great children, and a Christian. He’s a volunteer Firefighter and EMT in his small town in New Hampshire, and when he isn’t playing with his family, solving SQL Server issues, or talking shop, it seems like he has plenty to do with his family running a small farm in NH raising Beef Cattle, Chickens, Pigs, Sheep, Goats, Honeybees and who knows what other animals have been added!

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5 thoughts on “Getting Organized – Contest Winner”

  1. Wow, awesome! What are the odds? (Okay, I can calculate that)

    Thanks Mike, and thanks for the great blog series!

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