Seacoast SQL Nov Meeting Gives Back

Apologies for the delay in getting meeting notice out but it is still happening, just off by a week. It is going to be a fun time. Instead of hearing a presentation, eating some free food and enjoying our freely provided location at Great Bay College, we are going to combine our skills to solve a problem. We’ll be meeting on Tuesday, November 16th. The logistics and link to send me the RSVP e-mail are all at the Seacoast SQL Site.

Want to Learn, Network and Give Back?

Well don’t miss the November meeting, then! We will be working with the college’s business office on a particular problem they want to solve to help make them more efficient. Basically it will be a system to help track instructors, students, companies and courses offered through some of their non-college course offerings (Private training, Corporate Training, etc.). There is a brief overview on the Seacoast SQL Site linked above and we will have a representative from the business office there on Tuesday to explain and answer questions.

Learn –

Paul Nielsen will be joining us again at this meeting (Thanks Paul!!) to help us out on the database design aspect and answer questions from the SQL Side. We will hopefully also have some .net/application development resources available to us to help work out what sort of an application layout we should have.

You  can hopefully get a taste for something you may not get to do much in the day job, increase a skill set you already have or even help out with Project Management (we’ll need that so if you ever wanted to volunteer to be a PM, now is your chance! You don’t want me in that role, I promise.. Note the late notice of this meeting)

Network –

Normally we all come to the meetings, eat our pizza, learn some stuff, get some giveaway SWAG and then go home. Not Tuesday the 16th of November… We’ll get the pizza, do some giveaways and listen to the college representative speak, listen to questions we all want to ask as the team working on their project, etc. But in working with one another on the beginning of this project we’ll hopefully develop some good local connections to work with.  Make sure to bring some business cards with you to hand out.

Give Back –

Well, I already mentioned that part. Basically we get the space for free when there is normally a fee. We get resources and help setting our room up and breaking it down. We get signage everywhere and we have a clean, well lit, comfortable place to meet. And it costs the User Community nothing. This is a quick way to say thanks and give back while still learning and growing.

I hope to see you all there and I hope to be able to help deliver whatever this college needs and see how this project goes. Maybe every November we can Say Thanks by giving back to some local organization with a simple application/database need in this same way if it is a success.

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