My son wants his MVP bib back

I had to borrow the newest baby's MVP bib...

I got an e-mail from someone at Microsoft congratulating me on my MVP award earlier today (during a pretty busy week of SQL Saturday preparations, ironically). I knew I was nominated but I had been a couple times before so wasn’t holding my breath – especially when I see the range of people around who are or should be MVPs. When I got the notice I was excited and, yeah, I smiled.  I am looking forward to listening in on some of the internal discussions, learning from the other, more experienced MVPs and opportunities to interact with the team who make the product I love (and built my entire technology career on) – SQL Server. I’ve spent almost 12 years working with SQL Server. I’ve loved it, been frustrated by it, learned a ton about it, have so much more to learn and this is a really neat step in that journey and it will be interesting to see where it goes.

When I found out that I was awarded a  few thoughts went through my head (at about the same time):

1.)  w00t! – I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t exciting. I join an amazing list of people who I admire, respect and look up to. (see my next two points for more there…) I have really enjoyed helping give back a little to the SQL community I took a lot from (and still do!) throughout my career. I’ll continue operating at the same level that I have been and it is great to get this kind of recognition. The timing is also more sweet because I’ve been part of the four man organizing team for SQL Saturday 71 which happens on Saturday. I’ve been organizing, printing, cutting, collating, figuring, replying and (now) preparing to speak at the event.  I am actually more excited about seeing a great event shaping up (at least in the short term, well okay maybe equally excited 😉 )

2.) what?! – When I look at all of the people who should be MVPs ahead of me (and I don’t know who was awarded yet, I haven’t had time to look at the compiled list with all of my running around), I actually don’t feel right about it. I know I’ll forget names but I think of people like Aaron Nelson, Kendal Van Dyke, Wendy Pastrick, Erin Stellato, Jorge Segarra, Jack Corbett, and many others I couldn’t pull out of my head quick enough – All people who give up so much of their time and energy to watch this SQL community grow and for no reason other than to watch this SQL community grow.

3.) who?! – A quote from Groucho Marx comes to mind – “Please accept my resignation. I don’t want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member.”  I run a User Group, I answer questions when I can, I blog, I speak, I volunteer for SQL PASS, I am active in the local community and I’m a mouth piece for SQL Server. So sure, that makes sense. I am not saying I don’t deserve it at all but I look at a lot of technical giants who are prolific in their community involvement and are MVPs and many that aren’t yet MVPs and scratch my head that the powers that be said “sure let’s let Mike in.”

But they did…

And for that I really am grateful. This is a really nice pat on the back for doing what I really enjoy doing and would be doing if the award didn’t exist. It is great watching people learn and grow. It is great seeing someone with a similar spark that I had when starting out and helping them develop it just like so many MVPs (recognized and unrecognized by Microsoft, I might add) did for me. If they come to their senses and yank it from me next year, I’ll still do the same stuff and probably at the same level (my God and family will still come first and probably still need to be higher on my priority list than I allow a lot of times – times  like preparing for this SQL Saturday). I’ll also enjoy this year of watching the discussion lists and learning from a whole lot of people a whole lot smarter than me 🙂

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