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This year will mark my 4th SQL PASS Summit, the 3rd in a row I’ve attended and the 3rd I feel led (and now encouraged by others who have been previously) to organize a time of prayer, fellowship and worship with other followers of Christ. This is the announcement/introduction post. If you are a Christian and wish to spend a little time starting off each day “right” and bumping into some other believers and putting faces to names, read on.

I feel like a small disclaimer is necessary to save on some comments/e-mails. I haven’t received many but every so often one will come in when I post these – If you don’t believe, you don’t have to come hang out. We wouldn’t turn anyone away – but we are not meeting to get into arguments, we are not meeting to offend anyone or make anyone feel uncomfortable. We are meeting to share a time with others who share a special bond. If this bothers you, we respect your right to not be there for that and we ask for that same respect in return.


The blog post from 2010 sums it up well and has a link to the one from 2009 as well. Just in case. Some details –

What – A time for a group of believers to get together and chat, pray and maybe (If a certain attendee can get his hands on a guitar while here) some time of quick worship & praise this year.  Typically this looks like us trying to wake up from our various time zones, having some time to chat, introduce each other, pray for specific requests on our hearts, for the Summit, for the attendees, for the speakers. Then we sometime engage in a quick Bible study and go on our own ways. Some of us will meet up throughout the day as we can but usually this first morning meeting is when we all gather.

Why – Why not? 😉

  • Days started with prayer and Bible study are better than days not
  • Anytime two or three are gathered in his name.. (Matthew 18:20)
  • Prayer burdens happen – if we can offer prayer for those around us and allow our lives and days to be touched with them, we can provide a service for Christ to our fellow attendees.

When – Typically each morning before the Keynote and breakfast time. It is early, but it is worth it. We may do a slightly different time this year.

Where – Depending on how many, we may just do the lobby at the Sheraton next to the convention center or if we have more, maybe we’ll steal a larger lobby at the convention center – if you send me a note if interesting in coming that will help me figure out where we need to go – mike@straightpathsql.com works. Or catch me on twitter @mike_walsh


Send me an e-mail – mike@straightpathsql.com – We’ll also use the #passprayers hashtag before gathering but if I have your e-mail earlier, I can plan on you being there and send you an e-mail/text message/call before we gather if the location changes due to size. I already know of about 6-8 people interested in attending. You can also feel free to comment here if you want to express interest and let others know you are coming.

Can We Pray For You?

We live in a fallen world. Bad stuff happens. People suffer. If there is something going on in your life that I can put to prayer right now, always feel free to contact me at any time day or night. During the Summit you can feel free to share any burdens you have with us. We’d be happy to lift them up for you or even with you. E-Mail, DM or call me anytime if you are burdened – that goes for during the Summit or anytime. I serve a God who has proven to be a God of answered prayers numerous times in my own life.

8 thoughts on “SQL PASS Summit Prayer Gatherings”

    • I listen to and enjoy all except for Brenton Brown, haven’t heard of him but will be checking him out. Sounds like a fine collection and a good way to end the little gatherings.

      • Brenton Brown is known for songs like Everlasting God and Adoration, and you’d probably find you knew more of his stuff than you might expect. He’s a
        South African guy who went to Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar. Loves God and surfing..

  1. I’m still praying to make it to PASS in time for my presentation on Wednesday so I can join the morning prayer sessions. And I can’t wait to hear Rob lead worship (I used to but that was years ago) 🙂


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