PASS Summit 2011 – Birds of a Feather!

Howdy! The 2011 SQL PASS Summit is fast approaching. I’m happy to have been able to volunteer to help do some coordination of the Birds of a Feather lunch again this year (2010, 2009 topics). I am even more happy to announce the table hosts and table topics.

Going to the Summit? Well then check out a BoF table for lunch on the Friday. The concept is simple (and it isn’t mine… I was just the one who did the coordination, can’t take credit for bringing the idea to PASS or even choosing the table topics – though I do enjoy helping folks come up with topics if they are stuck 😉 ) – You pick a table topic you are interested in or want to learn more about. A SQL Server MVP, SQL Server MCM or Microosft SQL Server CAT team member hosts that table. They chose the topic because they are interested in it and want to chat with you about it.

It is a great way to build contacts, learn more about something you are interested in or want to learn about and have some fun at lunch with others. So I hope to see you at one of the tables. I haven’t picked which one I’ll be sitting at (or I may just walk around and enjoy overhearing the conversations at the tables). See you there!

The Tables

Host Topic
Denny Lee Big Data
Jeffrey Moden Busting RBAR (and t-sql black belt tricks…)
Ben Miller Change Tracking
Stacia Misner Collaborative and Mobile Business Intelligence
Dan English & Rod Colledge Crescent – Bringing Your Data to Life
Mark Tabladillo Data Mining and Predictive Analysis
Karen Lopez Data Modeling and Database Design
Dejan Sarka Data Quality & MDM – Identity Mapping & De-duplicating
Jennifer Stirrup Data Visualisation: Displaying the Gems in Your Data!
Ron Talmage Data Warehouse Database Management
Grant Fritchey Database Deployments
Phil Brammer & Linchi Shea Database Monitoring with Event Notifications
Mladen Prajdic Database Testing
Marco Russo & Alberto Ferrari DAX, Vertipaq And BISM
Robert Davis Disaster Recovery
Tim Ford DMVs
Sean McCown Enterprise Management with Powershell
Tomislav Piasevoli Everything You’ve wanted to Know About MDX (but were afraid to ask…)
Greg Galloway Excel Services vs. Reporting Services
boB Taylor Extending SQL Server Using SQL-CLR & SMO
Todd McDermid Fast ETL without a Big Budget
Scott Stauffer Get Your #SQLHelp Here
Allan Hirt High Availability
Kendra Little How to Move to Database Consulting
Arnie Rowland How to Start and Grow Your User Group
Gail Shaw Indexing
Hugo Kornelis Is ANSI Still Relevant?
Edwin Sarmiento Market and Sell Yourself for Success
Andy Warren Mentoring
Louis Davidson Normalization Myths and Ill-Attributed Quotes
Andrew Novick Partitioning
Kevin Boles & Andrew Kelly Performance Tuning
Jorge Segarra Policy Based Management
Grant Paisley PowerPivot – 100 million rows in Excel
Aaron Nelson PowerShell: for Enterprise Database Development and Deployments
Erland Sommarskog Practical T-SQL Programming
Christian Robert Pushing SQL Server Express To The Max
Jason Strate Querying the Plan Cache
Deepak Puri Real Time BI With SQL Server
Jessica Moss Reporting Services Best Practices
Eduardo Castro Scalability in the Cloud with SQL Azure
Paul Turley Self-Service Reporting
Allen White Service Broker
Ike Ellis SQL Azure vs Amazon RDS
Kevin Farlee SQL Databases on SMB Protocols
Sergio Govoni SQL Server Execution Plans
Glenn Berry SQL Server Hardware
Maciej Pilecki SQLOS
Vidmantas Matelis SSAS Management Using Scripts
Chris Webb SSAS Performance Tuning
Jean-pierre Riehl SSIS en Français
Ted Krueger SSIS for All – DBA, Developer, Everyone!!
Andy Leonard SSIS Frameworks
Denny Cherry Storage with Mr. Denny
Allan Mitchell StreamInsight
Plamen Ratchev T-SQL Enhancements In Denali
Christopher Shaw Utility Databases
Jonathan Kehayias Virtualization for Performance
Jennifer McCown You-Tell-Em SQL Horror Stories (and solutions!!!)

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