PASSPrayers 2014 – Sixth Year

SQL PASS isn’t that far off. Every year  now since the 2009 Summit (Had to count on my fingers a couple times to be sure it was really 6) there has been a quick gathering in the morning at some central location of Christians who wish to start the conference day off with a quick time of Christian prayer, devotions and fellowship with other believers.

This year we’ll do it again.

We always end up meeting in different locations – but we’ll start gathering in the lobby of the Sheraton at 6:15AM to chat , get organized and pray around 6:30ish. We’ll likely stay at the Sheraton since its right next door to the convention center and its the official room block location for the PASS and MVP Summits.

I’ll swing down every morning, including Sunday morning since I’ll be there for the MVP Summit. So if you are going to the PASS Summit /MVP Summit – and you want to join us for a time of prayer and fellowship each morning? Swing by the lobby in the morning on whichever day or days you can.

More info on the birth of this is on the original post about it from 2009.

We also use the #PASSPrayers hashtag to announce changes to locations or timings, etc.


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