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SQL Saturday 877

Hey there! Thanks for attending my SQL Saturday Session today! A few links we discussed. If we get into any big conversations, I’ll bring links into here by end of day Monday

  • Download our SQL Server Upgrade Checklist (and open in word and edit it to make it your upgrade checklist!)
  • Check out our SQL Server Upgrades made easy page – several videos from deeper dives in each of the phases we discussed (Before, During, After)
  • SQL Server 2008/R2 Page – Want to see a scary looking counter to show you how long those environments have been out of support? Check it out. We post some original content there about what we talked about today. Scare management into upgrading…
  • SP_Blitz and that family of scripts are a really good way to get a sanity check on your current environment, as are the Glenn Berry Diagnostic Scripts.


I’ll add more if any conversations prompt other links. The slides, or a close enough version of them are embedded below here.

Article by Mike Walsh

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