PASS Summit HA/DR Talk

Thanks for coming to my PASS Summit session this year (or watching it) on HA/DR concepts. Come back here on Monday next week for updates based on questions asked during the session or any notes on tangents I went off on because of the talk.

I’ll put links here I reference in the presentation also.

A Warning – This is an Intro Level Session! If you are seeing this post before the session starts today – don’t show up if you aren’t looking to get into a high-level, conceptual conversation about HA/DR. My goal is not to design your HA/DR solution or show demos of building various approaches in AGs/FCIs/Log Shipping/etc. It’s really geared towards folks who want to achieve HA/DR or help their business achieve HA/DR and want to have a broad brush talk about all of the options, think about some things to consider, talk about some “!OOPS!” situations and make wise choices. THe goal is for you to leave asking the right questions, thinking about how to work with the business to evaluate your options and ready to hit the ground running in planning your plans to achieve HA/DR.  If you are already good there – you should go to a more in-depth session on the particular technology you are looking to implement.

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