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SQL PASS Upgrade Talk

Hey there! Thanks for attending my SQL PASS Session on Friday! A few links we’ll discuss are below and a placeholder version of the slide deck. If we get into any big conversations, I’ll bring links into here by end of day next Monday.

Note before the session –  This is going to be a 101 level chat, sort of like the HA/DR chat on Thursday at the PASS Summit. My goal here is to walk through our checklist (linked below), talk at a high level, and answer questions. It’s the last session of the day. Of the week even! So we will either go a little longer with questions after we’re done on the side, or we’ll get out earlier if you all are already well-fed and end up without any questions or interaction.


I’ll add more if any conversations prompt other links. The slides, or a close enough version of them are embedded below here.

Article by Mike Walsh

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