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Welcome, Sandra Delany!

But First… A Quick Note… “In Times Like These!”

Hey There! What a weird time to be announcing a change on the roster. But here I am – announcing a change on the roster!!

Straight Path is doing well so far with the shifting economy in these times, and we’ve been working closely with our clients asking, “How can we better serve you through these times we find ourselves in?” So far no clients have had to drop our services – which makes sense – we fill a critical need and we do it in an affordable way for them. Quite a few have had to increase as they’ve seen a greater demand for goods or services they provide. We’re getting creative with a few clients in some hard-hit sectors and doing what we have to help make sure the clients we love stay in business for a long time to come. Our team is healthy and we’re hopefully helping to keep each other sane and laughing. So it may seem an odd time – but I’ve never felt so much “job security” for myself and the team as I ever have and I couldn’t think of any team of colleagues or clients I’d rather be working with right now than where I am here. I definitely feel like I’m at the right place at the right time for such a time as this. So it’s not that odd of a time for a roster change.

What about YOU?! How are you doing? We’re doing a weekly chat with the global SQL Server community every Friday on our Zoom. Swing by today and check-in. How are you doing right now career-wise? Worry wise? Healthwise? Can we serve you somehow? Looking for work in the SQL space? Leave your comment below. We aren’t looking to hire again just yet but you never know when we need some 1099 help to extend our team for projects – and we’re still talking to many clients looking to augment their teams with our Remote DBA – DBA as a Service offering, or looking to make sure they have peace of mind. So let us know in the comments – but not just for us. Happy to make a connection also! Come to that call if you can today. We’re gonna be okay and we’re gonna get through this all.

The Main Point – Join us in welcoming Sandra Delany!

Sandra Delany

Sandra will be starting on April First as a Senior DBA/Senior Consultant. She brings a lot of enthusiasm and experience in the DBA realm – especially around High Availability and Disaster Recovery. She’s also recently been working in a Remote DBA role – so she understands the juggling act we have in this space around multiple clients with competing needs and the quick pivoting to an “it hurts right now!” emergency we sometimes have to do in this line of work. She adds to that a love for documentation and helping to train the next generation of DBAs. That’s awesome. Because that’s our model here. We have been and will continue growing our support team – often taking someone from a different career entirely who is Hungry, Humble, and Smart and teach them the “SQL Server ropes” the “Straight Path Way.” And, I’ll be honest, none of the existing Senior Consultants love writing documentation. I wrote a blog post many years ago about the importance of it, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy the act 😉

We’re super excited for Sandra to be joining the Straight Path family – and I love what her addition brings to our existing and future clients.

Join us in welcoming her in the comments below! And you can see her bio in our About Us section.

Article by Mike Walsh

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3 thoughts on “Welcome, Sandra Delany!”

  1. Outstanding addition to your team. You couldn’t have added a better DBA or better yet… a better person or “teammate” to your team. I worked with Sandra for years at Hewlett Packard. I (and we) truly miss her bubbly personality and tremendous skills.

    Congratulations to both Sandra and StraightPath.

    • Thanks, Victor!

      We’re pretty pleased with her on the team already! She’s super smart, knows her SQL stuff and her personality is great. We’re blessed to have her on the team! 🙂


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