Should an MSP Build a SQL Server Consulting Practice?

managed service providers build sql server consulting practice

As I reflect on where Straight Path Solutions has gone and what we’ve become – one thing has become clear. We’re a Managed Services Practice in large part. It’s a highly specialized and niche MSP, but the service delivery model we have is really modeled after MSP practices. We have a growing Professional Services “division” … Read more

How to Find a SQL Server Consultant

choosing a sql server consultant

Let’s face it – a lot of the time, your SQL Servers seem to be running just fine. Someone someplace pressed next a few times, then finish – an application was installed, a database was deployed for that application, and you’ve not looked back. Until now. So, you need to find a SQL Server consultant. … Read more

Welcome Tara Kizer!

So you probably saw the announcement from our friend Brent Ozar last week. He’s going to be focusing on his really cool training and tools and a bit less on consulting. When that announcement came, it didn’t take very long for a couple people on the team to nudge me about it. I was sort … Read more