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How Inc. Columnist’s Response to Criticism Displayed Wonderful Emotional Intelligence.

I held my breath and opened Twitter today. I scrolled around and somehow landed on a tweet from Casey Toner of a media watchdog group in IL. He saw something that seemed a little odd over there at Inc. It seems there were a bunch of articles with similar headlines. All seemingly having to do … Read more

The Sound of Silence

Oops. I missed a blog post yesterday (Saturday). In fairness, I spent the night running around in the first snowstorm of the season trying to get ready for it (somehow caught off guard – again – by the first storm.) We had to move our cows around and deal with some limbs down and a … Read more

On Getting Started in this Technology Career – Jumping, Showing Up, and Sweeping

So you want to break into technology? It’s a challenging prospect. Especially today. Unemployment in the technology sector is insanely low across the United States. In some microcosms, it’s effectively a negative unemployment rate – especially in the “data space.” There’s a catch-22 out there. You need the experience to get most positions. You need … Read more