Thankful Flywheel

It’s “Thanksgiving Day” today in America. It’s a day that we pause to take stock of all the blessings we’ve received and to be thankful for them. It hearkens back to the voyage of a small group of families who set sail for the New World as missionaries looking for new land to take root … Read more

PASS Summit HA/DR Talk

ha-dr too many choices - pass summit 2019

Thanks for coming to my PASS Summit session this year (or watching it) on HA/DR concepts. Come back here on Monday next week for updates based on questions asked during the session or any notes on tangents I went off on because of the talk. I’ll put links here I reference in the presentation also. … Read more

SQL Saturday 845 – Session Details

high availability data redundancy too many choices sql saturday

Hello! Thanks for attending! The slides for my SQL Saturday Session on High Availability and Disaster Recovery are below. After the session I’ll update this with links and notes from the talk by end of day Tuesday. Thanks for attending! SQL Server High Availability and DR – Too Many Choices! from Mike Walsh

Hey DBAs: Be Prepared

I’m a big fan of bringing ideas and concept in from other industries to the world of technologists, particularly those of us in professions operating in and around data. I’ve written posts before about lessons from aviation, a string of failures at the Secret Service, some corollaries┬áto farming or our gardens at home, some experiences … Read more

Welcome Tara Kizer!

So you probably saw the announcement from our friend Brent Ozar last week. He’s going to be focusing on his really cool training and tools and a bit less on consulting. When that announcement came, it didn’t take very long for a couple people on the team to nudge me about it. I was sort … Read more