Best Practices

VMware and SQL Server Best Practices.

I wish you knew a few things about VMware and SQL Server performance. These aren’t deep and mysterious secrets. But they’re things we see a lot of folks still missing out there. I’m going to start doing a series of quick blog posts in the “What We Wish You Knew” tag here on the site … Read more

Hey DBAs, Don’t Be Like the Secret Service!

Last week, I ripped a story from the headlines to draw lessons for Technologists from – it was about the Secret Service lapses that allowed a fence jumper to get into the threshold of the White House residence. That was bad. This week, though, we’ve learned of some additions to the story that makes it … Read more

SQLU DBA Week – Set It And….

Welcome to the third day of DBA week at SQL University. On day one, I kicked off the “back to basics” journey I’ve chosen for fellow students with my post reminding you that you’re only as good as your ability to restore. Microsoft Certified Master Robert Davis brought us a good reminder on Day 2 … Read more

SQL 2008 R2 LoadFest – Session Notes

I spoke today at the SQL Server 2008 R2 Load Fest put on by Andy Novick of Novick Software. Great turnout, and it is always fun to see so many folks working together on the task of figuring out the nuances of SQL Server installations together. Also good to see that you were able to … Read more

Hey Software Vendors – Get a Clue!

Psst. Hey Vendor – DBAs are secretly plotting against you! We hate what your products do to our environments. Sometimes we even work to get you replaced by someone else who makes a product in the same space but is “DBA-Approved”…. What’s that? You want the DBA stamp of approval? I write this blog to … Read more

What Service Pack Are Your Client Tools At?

So you have a plan to apply service packs to your SQL instances. You test them out and try to keep a regular schedule to ensure they are up to date. That is great. What About SQL Server Management Studio? What about the copy of SSMS that a developer is using to create scripts? This … Read more