It’s Not Your Emergency!

The best EMTs and Medics are the ones who realize, “This isn’t my emergency,” early enough. You’ll be a better DBA or technologist the quicker you learn the freedom that comes from that line of thought. (Also, a warning – in this post, I talk about – in vague terms and no medical specificity about … Read more

Presenting – What I’ve Learned

So I totally missed the boat on a GREAT T-SQL Tuesday topic – “What’s something you’ve learned while presenting?” But with a twist – something technical, you’ve learned that you didn’t learn. Well, mine is a bit embarrassing… I’ll share that. Also – I totally skimmed the topic and some of the post titles. I … Read more

The Sound of Silence

Oops. I missed a blog post yesterday (Saturday). In fairness, I spent the night running around in the first snowstorm of the season trying to get ready for it (somehow caught off guard – again – by the first storm.) We had to move our cows around and deal with some limbs down and a … Read more

VMware and SQL Server Best Practices.

I wish you knew a few things about VMware and SQL Server performance. These aren’t deep and mysterious secrets. But they’re things we see a lot of folks still missing out there. I’m going to start doing a series of quick blog posts in the “What We Wish You Knew” tag here on the site … Read more