Thankful Flywheel

It’s “Thanksgiving Day” today in America. It’s a day that we pause to take stock of all the blessings we’ve received and to be thankful for them. It hearkens back to the voyage of a small group of families who set sail for the New World as missionaries looking for new land to take root … Read more

SQL PASS Upgrade Talk

upgrading sql server - sql saturday 877

Hey there! Thanks for attending my SQL PASS Session on Friday! A few links we’ll discuss are below and a placeholder version of the slide deck. If we get into any big conversations, I’ll bring links into here by end of day next Monday. Note before the session –  This is going to be a … Read more

PASS Summit HA/DR Talk

ha-dr too many choices - pass summit 2019

Thanks for coming to my PASS Summit session this year (or watching it) on HA/DR concepts. Come back here on Monday next week for updates based on questions asked during the session or any notes on tangents I went off on because of the talk. I’ll put links here I reference in the presentation also. … Read more

On Getting Started in this Technology Career – Jumping, Showing Up, and Sweeping

So you want to break into technology? It’s a challenging prospect. Especially today. Unemployment in the technology sector is insanely low across the United States. In some microcosms, it’s effectively a negative unemployment rate – especially in the “data space.” There’s a catch-22 out there. You need the experience to get most positions. You need … Read more

PASS Prayers – Year 11!

pass prayers 2019

Quick note: From time to time I blog about the Bible here. I try to keep those posts on my personal blog – Open Mike (it’s been too long since I’ve posted over there!!)– but sometimes it makes sense for a quick cross-post over here. I always tag those posts with the Bible category and you … Read more