Iceberg, Dead Ahead!

Lessons For Technologists From Real World Disasters

I first delivered this presentation at the SQL Rally in Orlando on 5/12/11. You can see the slide deck here:


In the coming weeks, I’ll be writing some blog posts about some of the real world disasters and our lessons from them. In the meantime, some links that talk about this topic and share more info on the disasters:

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The Accidents

In case you want to research more about some of the incidents we discussed, the below links take you to additional information and reports on the incidents discussed in the talk that we drew lessons from. In the coming weeks, I may dissect these a bit further into their own post and series on decision making, attitudes, actions and disaster avoidance in the real world. For now you can see official analysis yourself, if you want.

Feel free to leave any comments to discuss what lessons you draw from these disasters.

P.S. – Yeah… I know, we didn’t talk about anything nautical at all. I still like the title. Maybe someday I’ll change to “We’re Gonna Be On The Hudson”

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