SQL University – Troubleshooting Week

I was about to write another bunch of comments on why I think troubleshooting skills are important. I’ve changed my mind – I’ve done that before. So let’s start SQL University Troubleshooting week off with a couple reminders from past posts that say what I wanted to say this week already.

If You Can’t Troubleshoot – Don’t Apply –> I relate the experience of finding and repairing a broken starter to IT troubleshooting skills. Seriously, if you can’t troubleshoot, don’t apply to work with me. Read on to see why.

Avoid Using Those Troubleshooting Skills –> Sometimes the best troubleshooting is the kind you don’t have to do because you did it right the first time.

Troubleshooting Methodology – Get One –> This was one of my very first blog posts a few years ago. I think it still rings true

Jorge is also posting this week and I’ll hope to get some more out soon but for now, ask yourself if you can troubleshoot. Ask yourself if you exhibit any of those shotgun troubleshooting methods. Then figure out what you can do to fix it.




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