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We’re (officially) Working with Tyleris Data Solutions

As my friend and fellow SQL Server MVP, Tim Mitchell pointed out in a blog post today – our companies are working together in a strategic way. Our clients should benefit from this relationship in a few ways. I wanted to chat about that here and why I’m excited about it. We’ve actually been working together like this for some time referring work back and forth, helping each other out with questions and the outlook is great, we just figured it was time to make it a bit more official.

About Tyleris Data Solutions

Tim started Tyleris Data Solutions to be a full featured data integration and data warehousing shop. He’s built and is continuing to build Tyleris into a consultancy that can help a customer when they need this maze of data warehousing questions solved. Tim’s been in this space himself for much of his career. He’s given national conference sessions, written blog posts, books and teaches people about this area of focus all the time.

Why Partner?

Well it’s really simple. I’ve recently realized that trying to focus with a wide angle lens can lead to inefficiencies. It’s hard to scale to be a one size fits all shop, unless I want to grow into several strong business divisions and have the budget to pay a leader in each division fairly. That’s not the direction I see Straight Path. We’re expanding and bringing on resources. We’re staying focused, though. Our focus area is actually broad enough. It’s really the database engine and all things database engine. Tuning. Performance. Database Administration. Remote SQL Server assistance at competitive price points. Ongoing mentoring. High Availability and Disaster Recovery best practices. Working with administrators of Relativity software to make sure their database shine, etc. Basically? That’s already wide enough!

When a customer calls me up and says “I have a complex warehouse design question” or “I need to talk to an expert in data integration and SQL Server Integration Services” – I’d rather continue with the honest way we’ve done business all along here and say “That’s not us” but I want to be able to add “BUT! Here is company i know and trust. Run by a person I’ve worked together with for over 3 years, known for over 6 and trust completely.” I can say that with Tim and Tyleris. Without reservation.

I’m honored that he feels that way about Straight Path and our focus area. And when someone calls him asking for that level of help in our sweet spot? He’ll say “Not me, but here’s a firm that I know and trust”. It’s the best of both worlds. And as entrepreneurs building businesses we are able to bounce a lot of ideas off of each other and really help each other out in many ways.

Really the question is “why not?”

So that’s that. Two separate businesses run in the ways that make sense to each of us. But the ability to map into a trusted expert for the key areas of focus that our clients need. That’s the future vision for Straight Path. I’m building partnerships in other key areas like this also. A client can have the best team, experts in their subject areas who know how to work together and get the job done.

Mike Walsh
Article by Mike Walsh
Mike loves mentoring clients on the right Systems or High Availability architectures because he enjoys those lightbulb moments and loves watching the right design and setup come together for a client. He started Straight Path in 2010 when he decided that after over a decade working with SQL Server in various roles, it was time to try and take his experience, passion, and knowledge to help clients of all shapes and sizes. Mike is a husband, father to four great children, and a Christian. He’s a volunteer Firefighter and EMT in his small town in New Hampshire, and when he isn’t playing with his family, solving SQL Server issues, or talking shop, it seems like he has plenty to do with his family running a small farm in NH raising Beef Cattle, Chickens, Pigs, Sheep, Goats, Honeybees and who knows what other animals have been added!

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