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SQL Server Health Check

SQL Server Health CheckFind out how your SQL Server instances line up with best practices. Verify that your recovery strategy meets your expectations. A SQL Server health check will give you expert confirmation on what is right and a plan on resolving areas with opportunity for improvement. We’ll assess best practice compliance, measure performance, look for issues and leave you with a document and knowledge transfer of the findings, a priority for implementing the changes and references to additional resources and background on the findings. Even if you choose to implement the solution path yourself, Mike is happy to help you through Linchpin People and he is just a phone call away for support through the changes. Call (603.203.9797) or e-mail Mike to set up a free phone consultation to see if this service is right for you.

Consulting & Performance Tuning

Maybe you know where you need the help already, maybe you are gearing up for a busy time and want to be sure your database will handle the traffic. Perhaps you want to see where it is best to spend your resources (hardware vs. design/code)… Whatever the reason, Linchpin People can help. A consulting or performance tuning engagement with Mike Walsh  is designed to add value right away. Mike has 12 years of experience working with SQL Server, has helped plenty of companies with diverse SQL Server challenges and knows where to look to help your team on the road to success.  All of our consulting projects are designed to share knowledge along  the way. Our goal is to leave your environment better than we find it and to leave your team more ready to handle the next database point of pain. Visit our SQL Server consulting page for more info.

Custom Training

SQL Server TrainingWhen you engage with us for SQL Server consulting, mentoring of your staff is included. We don’t want to work in a vacuum, create an ever-present need for expert advice and keep information from you. We want to add value and  help your staff be ready to add that same value when the engagement is over.  That being said, Mike also enjoys training on SQL Server concepts (Database Administration, Design, Development and Performance & Troubleshooting). If you have the staff and are looking for specific training, a custom SQL Server course with Mike may be the best approach. Rather than send your staff off-site to learn with contrived examples, we can work with your data, in your environment and go at the speed we need to cover your specific learning needs. Contact Mike today to schedule a call to discuss your training needs.


Presenting At SQL Rally

Mike @ SQL Rally

Mike enjoys sharing his SQL Server knowledge and thoughts on professional development. He has spoken at national and regional SQL Server events as well as several webinars, User Group meetings and SQL Server workshops. If you’d like to have a presentation or SQL workshop delivered for your company or event, contact Mike today or visit the Presentations page to see some examples of talks Mike has given.

“Thanks Mike, I wasn’t sure where to start. Now I Know.”

– An “As a DBA, Where Do I start?” seminar attendee.


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