Welcome to the final post in my series on metablogging topics. We started with a post on my site called Why Should I Blog?“, which went live the same time as the first part of the below video interview with Brent Ozar. That first video interview went live on Brent Ozar’s Blog.The text series finished up here with the second post, “How Should I Blog?” on my site.

Today – there isn’t much reading to do, just some watching and listening (well maybe you should just listen). This video is about 16 minutes long and it discusses some tips and tricks around blogging and Brent’s experiences with blogging. Some links related to what we discussed are below the video.

[media id=1 width=320 height=240]

Here are some of the links we referenced or discussed in the interview:

That’s a Wrap

So that ends the series this week. Go back through and read the other posts if you want motivation on why to blog or some tips and tricks on how to blog. The links are up top. I’ll have that couple post series on how I setup my WordPress blog and hosting in early January. Subscribe to my RSS feed to stay updated there, if you want. If you have a burning question before then, ask away. Ask down in the comments or I’m Mike_Walsh on twitter. If I don’t have the answer someone will.

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