5 Reasons I Love My Job (#meme15)

2016 Update – In July of 2016, I went all-in with Straight Path Solutions and left Linchpin as a partner and managing director. I blogged about it here. The good news? All of the below are still quite true, in many ways? Even more so now. Even 4 years later 🙂 Pardon The Cobwebs… It’s … Read more

I’m Cheating!

“I could never go into independent consulting! It’s way too risky!!!” – That’s the typical reaction when talking to other technologists (mostly all who are better skilled than I am, it seems) about going off into the big bad and scary world of independent consulting. Truth be told, it’s where I sort of found myself … Read more

6 Reasons I Won’t Hire You

Looking for that next technology job? I’ll let you in on a little secret – six little secrets – Reasons I’ve said “no thanks” to SQL Server candidates when interviewing them for clients & employers: 1 – “I Don’t Know” isn’t a phrase you know… I ask different kinds of questions. Some are questions you’ll … Read more

Launching Straight Path IT Solutions, LLC

I’ve made a big decision in my career and life – I’m going to become the manager of a really difficult employee. In fact, I’m going to manage his career closely and be responsible for paying him and his success or failure will spell my success or failure. At least he is smart, charming and … Read more

A Song of Thanksgiving

Another Thanksgiving is fast approaching. With it, I might as well post another quick reminder of what I am thankful for. I seem to be starting a few traditions – Thanksgiving posts, Easter Posts and starting (but never finishing or posting) New Years resolution posts. Last years Thanksgiving post probably covers it all and looking back, … Read more