Getting Organized – A Task’s Life

[This is part two in a series of posts about “Getting Organized” using the Evernote toolset.] Getting Organized Series Outline Introduction and License Giveaway A Task’s Life The Death of a Task, Man 451 Degrees – Good For Notebooks The Life of A Task The system I am using has a few stages. The stages … Read more

SeacoastSQL First Meeting Recap

(Written the night of the meeting, edited and posted after) Wow. I just got home from a really great night with a fun group of people. The first meeting (hopefully of many more) was a success (more on what that means from my point of view below) and we had an amazing turnout – By … Read more

Got SQL Server Questions?

A Great Idea – #SQLHelp hashtag on Twitter I was following a conversation today between Brent Ozar, who is @BrentO on twitter and Aaron Nelson, who is @SQLVariant on twitter. A great idea was discussed: A twitter hashtag that, as Jorge Segarra (or @SQLChicken on twitter) describes it in his blog post, can act like … Read more