VMware and SQL Server Best Practices.

I wish you knew a few things about VMware and SQL Server performance. These aren’t deep and mysterious secrets. But they’re things we see a lot of folks still missing out there. I’m going to start doing a series of quick blog posts in the “What We Wish You Knew” tag here on the site … Read more

SQL Server: Should I move from Enterprise to Standard?

Do you need SQL Server Enterprise Edition? Maybe. Maybe not. Lately, we’ve been finding more and more folks who can answer that probably not. I’ve lost track of the number of clients we’ve helped downgrade from SQL Server Enterprise to SQL Server Standard, take advantage of new features, and fairly dramatically reduce their costs. I … Read more

Hey Techies – Get Out of Debt

How do you eat an elephant? I’ll tell you at the end if you don’t already know. In the meantime let’s talk about another elephant – the one in the room – you are in debt. In some way, you’re probably in debt right now. Maybe you owe to student loan or credit card companies. … Read more