Prepare For the Disaster Before The Disaster

Kind of like some previous common sense posts inspired by mundane tasks (Day Job Tips learned from the garden, a dump trip, etc.), I was hit with another blog thought today. This goes well with my post – Plan To Fail or Don’t Expect To Succeed. Updated: Added a sound piece of advice in the … Read more

You Keep Using That Word – T-SQL Tuesday Entry

Steve Jones is in the control room for this month’s T-SQL Tuesday challenge. His topic is a good one. I won’t repeat it here, just look at his post announcing this month’s topic. His topic is discussing challenges we’ve faced when dealing with “customers” (I use that to include clients, managers, colleagues, the business, etc.). … Read more

T-SQL Tuesday – Captains Mentor and Teach

sql server mentorship

This month’s T-SQL Tuesday is being hosted by Robert Davis (@SQLSoldier on Twitter), and he asked us about learning and teaching. More on the Captain Quote at the bottom. (2021 Edit – I was cleaning up some old posts and just found this one. The lessons here are a whole new set of lessons as … Read more

Plan To Fail – Part Two

Let me share a little secret with you – You are going to fail. You’ll have multiple failures in diverse areas in life. It’s what you do with them that predicts if you’ll be an overall success. In the first post of this two part series, we talked about including failure in our plans and … Read more

Day Job Lessons From The Garden

It’s spring and in addition to our usual vegetable garden and some existing fruit crops, we are putting in a row of 15 blueberry bushes. Well the past two nights I’ve been outside for 3-4 hours digging a trench (about 40′ long by 2.5′ wide and 1′ deep. right, I said feet.) by hand and … Read more

My Greatest Weakness?

Around The Blogosphere I was enjoying being an audience to the “greatest weakness” posts going around in the latest meme. This time it was started by David Stein who blogs (quite regularly) over at in his post, “What is your biggest weakness? – The Classic Interview Question”. As I said, I was enjoying reading … Read more