I’m Cheating!

“I could never go into independent consulting! It’s way too risky!!!” – That’s the typical reaction when talking to other technologists (mostly all who are better skilled than I am, it seems) about going off into the big bad and scary world of independent consulting. Truth be told, it’s where I sort of found myself … Read more

A Book, a Mentor and a Community

It’s 2006 – I’m at the SQL PASS Summit. My first one. A former manager, colleague and friend of mine invited me to dinner with a bunch of his business partners. It would have been one of the small number of social things I did that year. Otherwise I was a wall flower, in my … Read more

6 Reasons I Won’t Hire You

Looking for that next technology job? I’ll let you in on a little secret – six little secrets – Reasons I’ve said “no thanks” to SQL Server candidates when interviewing them for clients & employers: 1 – “I Don’t Know” isn’t a phrase you know… I ask different kinds of questions. Some are questions you’ll … Read more

If You See Something, Say Something

I get to tell you an embarrassing story and I get to kick off a series of posts I’ve wanted to do for awhile now. Why? Because it’s “meme Monday” Check out Tom LaRock‘s post about the topic and the idea he came up with a couple months back. This week Tom asked us to … Read more

Are You Planting Asparagus?

Working in the garden another thought/illustration hit me. A question actually – Are You Planting Asparagus? We love to eat the stuff. Why not research planting it and plant it with this year’s vegetable garden. We learned a few things doing that research: It’s Perennial & can produce for decades. It is picky about its … Read more