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SQL Server Licensing Myths

Which would you rather do, wade through the nuances of SQL Server licensing or a typical tax form?  Some days, I think the latter would be a welcome respite. Let’s just put it this way, I bet Brent Ozar (BrentO on twitter) is happy that licensing wasn’t the biggest part of the MCM grade. (I … Read more

Getting Organized – Goodbye Paper?

[This is the first in a 4 part series of posts about “Getting Organized” , on track and my use of Evernote.] Getting Organized Series Outline Introduction and License Giveaway A Task’s Life The Death of a Task, Man 451 Degrees – Good For Notebooks Do you struggle with organization? Note taking? Note Finding? I … Read more

Hey Software Vendors – Get a Clue!

Psst. Hey Vendor – DBAs are secretly plotting against you! We hate what your products do to our environments. Sometimes we even work to get you replaced by someone else who makes a product in the same space but is “DBA-Approved”… (Quick Edit March of 2021). In the time since writing this post, I’ve grown … Read more

Bill Clinton Wasn’t Impeached For…

Yes, he was impeached, by the house and acquitted by the Senate. Not the point of my post today, forget the politics. He wasn’t impeached for all of that business with Monica Lewinski. Was it unethical? Yes. Was it immoral? Well to me it is. Was that activity an impeachable offense? No. Why was he … Read more

How do -you- install SQL Server (Part 1)

No, this is not an installation guide There is documentation for that found in many places. First good place to look is Books Online (2005/2008) but there are plenty of other community resources found at sites like SQL Server Central and SQLServerPedia as well as blogs. What I mean by this post is to ask, … Read more